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Thank you for stopping by my website. I just wanted to say Hello and share a few things about How? and Why? did I start Travel Asia Guru.

Ever since I was a child, Travelling was something which excited me the most. I would spend hours dreaming of faraway countries and hoping that one day I would get a chance to visit them. I knew I was destined to travel and nothing could stop me in pursuing my dream.

I did a lot of travelling on my own and then managed to get a job as a Tour Leader, my idea of getting paid to travel. I was living my dream, waking up in a new place every other day, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, religions, traditions etc. I led hundreds of tourists in many countries across Asia ( most of whom are now my good friends).

I had been travelling around Asia continuously for 9 years until my experience evolved into knowledge which needed to be shared, it was the time to settle down and help others discover Asia. That was when I decided to start Travel Asia Guru.

I feel I am committed to share my passion and knowledge with people and encourage them to sail in this ocean called Asia, the waves of which you cannot fight, but if you are open minded and patient, they can relax you and gently carry you towards new and beautiful discoveries, experiences and memories.

In Asia, I assure you, if you have a lot of SOUP, you will have an amazing time….
S=SMILE / O=Open Mind / U=Understanding / P=Patience !!!

Asia is the place I’m deeply in love with, the place I belong to. It has a colourful, long and rich history, amazing culture, excellent food, beautiful landscapes, friendly people and much much more ( It’s also very cheap to travel to!! )

So, What are you waiting for??, Head over to the Destinations section and start planning your trip today !

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